1. china, you’re a mess.

    My friend who is currently just alerted me to this hot mess that went down in 中国 this summer.

    China made a big deal about launching ultra high speed bullet trains in 2007. Last month, they announced a train between Beijing to Shanghai that caused much buzz. Haven’t heard of it lately? That’s because it crashed… and they tried to bury the wrecked cars so no one would find out…. but didn’t take all the people out before they buried the rubble (and by people, I mean a 2 year old girl who was pulled out alive 20 hours after they had buried and bulldozed all the rubble, “long after authorities declared no more signs of life in the trains.”)

    I do really like this song, though. You win some, you lose some!

    Nevermind, the group’s from Taiwan…

  2. williamsburg/nj in pics

    This weekend I went to New Jersey and Brooklyn.

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  3. heheh. which two are you?!

    heheh. which two are you?!

  4. Sarah Palin’s son got married 3 months ago… and now he has a baby! Conveniently placed flowers there, girlfriend.

    "Sarah Palin is known for her strong beliefs against sex before marriage. She is staunchly opposed to sex education for teenagers, as well as the distribution of contraceptives in schools…"

  5. week in photos.

    Now that I have an iPhone I can take photos instagrams with reckless abandon, here’s some from this week!

    Found Benji passed the f@*~ out on the doorstep in the morning… we’ve all been there, buddy.

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  6. Welp good thing I’m the only one off to Europe in the whole world!

    Welp good thing I’m the only one off to Europe in the whole world!

  7. i got nine lives like a kitty cat.

    Just saw Britney on her Femme Fatale tour two nights ago! And since I went with my exbestfriend BlackBerry I no longer have any of my pics - but in true pre-Britney-concert 11 year old girl style, I of course took a selfie in my ~vintage~ Britney Spears shirt from the first time I saw her (when I was … eight? It was quite disturbing actually, standing next to us were two nine year old boys - older men - who were holding a sign saying “I love you Britney! I sweat when I see you!” This quote has stuck with me from that day) 

    Anyway. Before the concert, I was quite the Britney skeptic - I retired from being her biggest fan when I was too punk rock to live at age 13, and then her hair came off and she dressed in Walmart and I was disgusted. AFTER the concert, I have played this track from her latest release 49 times.

    How I Roll - Britney Spears (Mediafire Link)

  8. Hehehe daily occurrence

    Hehehe daily occurrence

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